Community History – Ludlow – Pullman Car Shops

Pullman Car Shops
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The Pullman Company constructed a large car repair shop in the City of Ludlow in 1893. They were attracted to Ludlow because of the convenient railroad service provided by the Southern. At its height of operation, the Pullman Shops employed nearly 200 employees, most of them from Ludlow and Bromley.

The Pullman shops were destroyed by fire on May 20, 1919. The cabinet shop, pipe shop, main shop, and storage building were all consumed. In addition, six Pullman cars were also destroyed. A large benzene tank was the only building that escaped the blaze. Both the Ludlow and Covington Fire Departments fought the blaze. The loss was estimated at $375,000.00. The property was not insured.

The Pullman Shops closed following the 1919 fire. One hundred and seventy five employees were left unemployed.

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