Community History – Ludlow – Patrick O’Sullivan

O’Sullivan, Patrick

Patrick O’Sullivan was born on July 12, 1846 in Ireland. His parents were Timothy O’Sullivan and Nora McAuliff O’Sullivan. Patrick immigrated to the United States at an early age.

O’Sullivan served Ludlow as a police judge (1892-97and 1903-08)), city collector, city attorney (1897-1899) and mayor. He was elected mayor in 1892.

O’Sullivan died on August 11, 1926 at the age of 80. A funeral Mass was held at St. James Church in Ludlow with burial at St. Mary Cemetery in Fort Mitchell. O’Sullivan’s wife had preceded him in death. He was the father of five children: Philip O’Sullivan, Timothy F. O’Sullivan, Nora O’Sullivan, Mary O’Sullivan and Nettie O’Sullivan.

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