Community History – Ludlow – Sweetest Story Ever Told

Sweetest Story Ever Told

A motion picture filmed in Ludlow in 1922. The film was produced by the Romel Motion Picture Company of Cincinnati. To promote the film, the Elm Theater in Ludlow sponsored a “Prettiest Girl in Ludlow” contest. The winner would play the leading female role in the film. Margaret Mershon won the contest. Her co-stars were John Hunnicutt Jr. and Tom Young.

The plot of the film was simple: Mershon played a young girl who falls in love with a young man (Tom Young). The girl’s father, however, wants her to marry another man (played by John Hunnicutt Jr.). Believing in rue love, the girl resists her father’s wishes. In the end, the girl’s intuition is correct – the young man she chose was of high character. The young man her father wished she would marry turned out to be the villain. The movie premiered on April 19, 1922 at the Elm Theater.

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