Community History – Ludlow – Taylor Latta

Latta, G. Taylor

G. Taylor Latta was born in Cincinnati in c. 1845 to Alexander B. Latta and Elizabeth A. Pawson Latta. At an early age, he moved to Ludlow with his parents. He inherited a large fortune from his father in 1865.

G. Taylor Latta participated in the development of the City of Ludlow Waterworks. He directed the waterworks from 1894-1920. For nearly 40 years, he was secretary of the Kenton Building Association and the Home Building Association of Ludlow.

G. Taylor Latta developed the four-acre tract of property around the family home. Many of the residence on Latta Avenue were financed and constructed under his guidance.

G. Taylor Latta was also responsible for the construction of the present Latta House at the northeast corner of Latta Avenue and Butler Streets. In about 1900, he had the old Latta residence removed and began construction on the current house. The present Latta House is built in the form of a duo-decagon (12 equal sides). The house is 55’ in diameter and sits on a lot measuring 246’ x 115’. The structure contains seven rooms on the first floor, including a living room, dining room, library, breakfast room, study and kitchen. At the center of the first floor is a large two-story stair hall crowned by a decorative skylight. The second floor contains four bedrooms and a sitting room.

G. Taylor’s wife, Louise B. Angus Latta Died in 1907. The couple had two children: Miss Luella Latta and Mrs. Alfred McCray. G. Taylor Latta died in 1930 in Cincinnati Ohio. He was 75 years of age and was survived by his two daughters. Services were held in the chapel of Spring Grove Cemetery.

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