Community History – Ludlow – William Ernst Mershon

Mershon, William Ernst

A police judge for the City of Ludlow for 32 years. William Ernst Mershon was a native of Ludlow. He was the son of William E. and Mary Mershon. He married Catherine Brown on November 12, 1928 at St. James Church, Ludlow. Mershon’s brother was Kentucky State Representative Carl J. Mershon.

Mershon held a number of occupations during his life. For twenty years, he worked for the Threlkeld and Jones Company of Cincinnati as a photographer. He was also employed as a salesperson for the Gillett Brothers Confectionary of Newport. Mershon also worked for the Ludlow Police Department as a dispatcher.

William Ernst Mershon died on November 2, 1969. He was on the November 1969 ballot for re-election as police judge at the time of his death. His wife, Catherine, died in 1968. He was survived by a daughter, Mrs. Marilyn Andres, and two siblings: Mrs. Margaret Brinkman and Carl J. Mershon. Mass of Christian Burial was held at St. James Church, Ludlow.

News Enterprise, November 6, 1969, p. 1.

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