Community History – Ludlow – World War II

World War II

Nearly 900 Ludlow men and women served in the armed forces during the Second World War. Twenty-seven Ludlow residents made the supreme sacrifice. These men were:

1. Allgeyer, Roy T. (Army; Pfc)

2. Betz, Howard A. (Air Corp; Lt)
Kung Ling, China

3. Bryan, Charles R. (Army; Pvt)
Anzio, Italy

4. Creager, Albert S. (Army; Pfc)
Aomori, Japan

5. Currie, Willliam P. (Army; Sgt)

6. Essell, James E. (Air Corp; Navigator)
North Sea

7. Fielding, Edward (Army; T/5)
Chauniont, Belgium

8. Garrett, Charles I. (Army; Capt.)
South China Sea

9. Green, Leroy E. (Army; T/5)
North Africa

10. Heffner, Robert E. (Marines; Pfc)

11. Henthorn, Howard E. (Air Corp; Lt)
Smith Field, NC

12. Herrick, Harden C. (Army; Pvt)
Fort Thomas, Kentucky

13. Johnson, Emery H. (Air Corp; Cadet)
Helena, Arkansas

14. Keller, John P. (Army; T/5)
Nettuno, Italy

15. Kidwell, Frank (Army; Corp.)

16. Kleintank, William J. (Air Corp; Navigator)
Deback, England

17. Kreimborg, Robert H. (Marines; Pfc)
Iwo Jima

18. Lang, Thomas R. (Marines; Pfc)
Killed at Bougainville

19. Lillard, Randall E. (Army; Pfc)
Metz, France

20. McLaughlin, Anthony T. (Marines; S/Sgt)
South Pacific

21. McLaughlin, John J. (Marines; Corp.)

22. Murphy, James L. (Army; Corp.)
Normandy, France

23. Napier, Vernon (Army; Sgt)

24. Norton, Raymond E. (Army; Pvt.)
Cologne, Germany

25. Roa, Donald (Army; Pfc)
Camp Livingston, LA

26. Stewart, Andrew G. (Army; Pfc)
Campeaux, France

27. Wagner, Harry (Army; Pfc)

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