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Black History Month: Beyond the Bestsellers

This list shines a light on some great works by Black and African-American authors.

Read More in 2023

Is your new year resolution to read more? Here are a few titles to help you reach your goal and to broaden your reading life.

As Cozy as Your Favorite Sweater

Cozy books are a hit right now, and how could they not be? I mean, don't we all want some low stakes stories?

2022 National Film Registry

Check out one of the motion pictures inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.


Black Voices in YA

At KCPL, we celebrate Black voices all year long. This selection is just a few of the epic voices writing in YA right now.

Short Stories for Teens and Tweens

Short on word count, big on story. Check out one of these short story anthologies to celebrate Short Story Month this May!

YA inspired by Old Hollywood

Do you love the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood? These YA books are inspired by classic films and actors.

Gather Your Party: D&D for You and Me!

Check out this list for everything you need to start a game, host a game night, and fuel your nerdy passion for all things D&D.


Chapter Book Storytime

Snuggle up for cozy bedtime reading with these titles - perfect for reading out loud to older kids who are transitioning to longer books.

Civil Rights Movement

Let's look at some lesser known - but just as influential - people of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

You Know the Story...

Check out these retellings of classic stories. These titles are perfect for middle grade readers, or for parents to read before bed!

Favorites from Lauren and Sam's Covington Storytimes!

Favorite books chosen by our Children's programmers Ms. Lauren and Mr. Sam.
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