What’s new in the world of Mystery?  The answer has just been found in Toronto at an annual event called Bouchercon mystery convention. The conference has an odd name, named after famous mystery fan and book reviewer, Anthony Boucher. (Ryhmes with “voucher”).  Great chance to meet and see famous and up & coming authors in the mystery genre field.

Check out photos of some of the leading authors who attended-

Getting to know Megan Abbott. Coming from Michigan and studying literature in New York City, Megan Abbott is one versatile writer.  Her first four novels were in the so-called “hard-boiled” genre.  These books feature hard-drinking, hard-charging characters.  Except in her case, the main characters are female.  Read “Queenpin” for a great example.  Her next four books shift characters and locations to high school.  Here Abbott gets into the psychology of high school girls ranging from cheerleaders to gymnasts.   These books are very well-written, with each book in a different point of view.  “You Will Know Me” is her current bestseller and award-winning as an audiobook, too.  Megan Abbott is ready to sign a book from an avid reader. But with her level of growing success, she’s just as likely to be signing a deal to bring her work to the big screen.


Getting  to know Colin Cotterill.  Born in England and living in Thailand, Cotterill’s mysteries are set in the 1970s in Laos and feature Dr. Siri Paiboun.  Dr.Paiboun has just been named Laos’s first coroner, a daunting job since no one really knew what that job meant at the time. What it means now, however, is a very engaging and humorous series of books full of inventive characters. When Cotterill added a character with Down Syndrome, this person began to receive fan mail from readers and plenty of it, for instance.  His newest book is “The Rat Catchers’ Olympics.”


Meet Louise Penny.  Canadian storyteller and novelist par excellence.  Her detective stories feature Inspector Armand Gamache solving crimes in scenic Three Pines, Quebec.  Yes, Three Pines has crime.  But what Three Pines really has is Louise Penny telling engaging stories about heart-warming characters in a beautiful rural setting.  Her newest book is “Glass Houses.” The Library has Louise Penny’s books in a wide variety of formats including eBooks, print, and audiobook, too.

Meet Sara Paretsky.  (Center in the photo, in the hat)  Creator of the landmark female private investigator character V. I. Warshawski. Undimmed by the crumby movie of the same name, Paretsky keeps building on V. I.’s legacy with books such as her newest work “Fallout.”




And while we’re at it, meet Kathy Reichs (right) as well. She is the author of the popular Temperance Brennan “Deja Dead” series, basis for the popular “Bones” TV show.



Bouchercon always features newer, up & coming authors.
Names to know this year include:

Christina Kovac for her debut novel “The Cutaway.”

Former “Seinfeld” TV writer Matt Goldman’s first book, “Gone to Dust.”

Josh Stolberg’s first novel “Incarnate.”  Stolberg makes his living from writing screenplays for horror films, such as the latest installment in the “Saw” series due out soon.


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