12 Job Fair Tips

Whether you're attending a job fair at the Kenton County Public Library, opens a new window or another location, these tips will help. 

12 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Job Fair
  1. Bring several copies of your resume. You can arrive early to use the photocopier if the fair is at the library. Remember that others are probably doing the same thing, so allow extra time.
  2. Dress appropriately. At a minimum, you should wear business casual, but you might want to step it up depending on the organizations at the fair.
  3. Have a game plan. Time could be limited, so review the companies expected at the fair and prioritize the employers you want to visit.
  4. Do your homework. Spend time researching background information on the organizations you are interested in so you can ask specific questions.
  5. Only take materials or samples from companies you are interested in pursuing. Some employers bring large quantities of print materials or freebies, while others will only have a few. Always ask before taking items.
  6. Prepare your "career pitch." Extend your hand, introduce yourself and be ready to discuss your career interests and goals. Be sure to emphasize your skills and experience that would be important to the company. Your pitch should be no longer than 30 to 60 seconds.
  7. Plan to follow up. Ask for the representative's business card and send a short thank-you note to acknowledge them for taking the time to speak with you but also, so they remember you.
  8. Take notes. I like to do this on the back of the company's business card I'm interested in so I don't confuse the information with the wrong organization, but a notebook will also work. Don't forget to bring a pen.
  9. Be considerate. Other people might be waiting to speak with the same employers, so keep your questions brief and offer to continue the conversation at a later time (another reason to take a business card).
  10. Bring your business card. You can create and print business cards with an online service or at a local store like Staples. Not only will you want to give your card to potential employers, but you might also meet someone in the crowd whom you want to network with in the future.
  11. Be positive. Employers want to know that you are excited about the position and have a positive attitude.
  12. Arrive early. Lines could be long, and you want to ensure enough time to meet with each potential employer.

The Kenton County Public Library offers resume writing and interview courses, as well as many job skill classes. Visit the Career and Job Services page, opens a new window for a complete list of classes and other helpful information.

Written by Gina Stegner, public relations and social media coordinator for the Kenton County Public Library