Celebrity Memoirs

I love memoirs, especially celebrity memoirs. I loved hearing how Tina Fey broke into writing for Saturday Night Live, which was typically a boys' club at the time. I cried as I read how Jennette McCurdy persevered despite her childhood. I laughed with Betty White and Leslie Jordan. Dave Grohl's stories were entertaining, and I loved learning about his relationship with his daughters. 

I go back and forth between audiobooks and traditional books, but I love listening to memoirs voiced by the author. It makes it even more personal. I'm thankful Matthew Perry, Betty White and Leslie Jordan finished recording their books before passing. I appreciate being able to hear their story in their voices.

I am currently listening to Waxing on: The Karate Kid and me, by Ralph Macchio. I'm only two chapters in, but it definitely has my attention.

What should I add to my holds list? Have you read any on the list? Your thoughts?

Celebrity Memoirs

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