Go the Extra Mile with an Audiobook

Spring's knocking at the door with nice walking weather and an invitation to travel. A wonderful time to listen to an audiobook is while you are outside strolling through your neighborhood. Or maybe you have a trip planned with a long car ride ahead? You can pass the time with an audiobook! Check out these bestselling and innovative audiobooks. 

If none of these titles suit your taste, there is a wide variety of streaming audiobooks on Hoopla and Libby for you to explore. If you prefer a more analog method, see what your branch has to offer in CD audiobooks. Listening to an enjoyable book will help you go the extra mile. 

By Stella Childress, Library Associate

Go the Extra Mile with an Audiobook

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To help you pass the time while driving or to add some entertainment to your walk, listen to an audiobook! Check out one of these award winning and innovative audiobooks to help you go the extra mile.

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