Kentucky Haunts, Murder, and Mayhem

October is Family History Month and also the celebration of Halloween. The intersection of these two holidays make for interesting conversation in the Local History and Genealogy Department. Here are a few of our favorite spooky, sordid, and macabre stories perfect for Family History Month and Halloween!

Pearl Bryan was cruelly murdered and beheaded in 1896 in Campbell County, Kentucky. Her murder shocked the nation in 1896 and was the subject of front page newspaper headlines for months. People who visit her gravesite in Indiana often leave pennies on her gravestone as a way to provide her with a head.

A popular local urban legend is about the "Lady in Grey" who is said to haunt the Carneal House located at 405 E. 2nd Street in Covington. The house was built circa 1815 by Thomas Carneal. The Lady in Grey is said to haunt the estate because she was rejected for a dance by the visiting Marquis de Lafayette and as a result committed suicide on the property. (Although a majority of this story has been historically debunked, it's still a wicked good tale to tell!)

If you are into spooky and true tales the Kenton County Coroners Inquest Records in geNKY may be of interest! You can browse and read through the coroners inquest records from 1929-1960. The coroners records are filled with many mundane post-mortem examinations, but hidden in the files are some shocking or gruesome deaths. These records are not for the faint of heart! 

Kentucky Haunts, Murder, and Mayhem

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