Let’s Get Cookin’

Halloween may not be over yet, but a lot of people are ready to move on to Thanksgiving. We have many of the latest editions of food and cooking related magazines. Even if you make the same thing every year it is fun to look at new recipes and maybe give one of them a chance!  

HOW DO I LEVEL UP MY BORING OLD MASHED POTATO GAME? • Indulge those who like their spuds smooth and those who prefer them textured with this creamy-crispy recipe

HOW ABOUT A CELEBRATION-WORTHY FEAST THAT DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND MEAT? • Cookbook author Hetty Lui McKinnon built this plant-based menu from the ground up. We’re talking bright charred green beans, salty sweet potato tempura, and a big cheesy main that will have you asking, turkey who?

The GREAT AMERICAN FEAST • Find your family’s new favorite with the very best recipes for your Thanksgiving table, courtesy of our Community Cooks!

The Sioux Chef
 • Raised on a reservation in South Dakota, Sean Sherman, a James Beard Award winner, is uplifting Indigenous cuisine and revitalizing a vibrant culinary culture.

The FINER THINGS CLUB • We’re living in the golden age of veganism, and as we close another year, we’re soaking in all the luxury. From cruelty-free foie gras to truffle-infused everything, plant-based bites have never been so grand. VegNews editors tapped into the world of the ultra-rich in search of the most lavish eats, and these are our 10 favorites.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts • A tangy vinaigrette, a crisp apple, and dried cherries elevate this simple vegetable.

Dressing Up Acorn Squash • Simplicity is key. And so is an inspired (but easy) topping.

Prep to Plate: Fall Vegetables  •  Autum harvests bring a bounty of beauties. Here's your guide to choosing, storing and cooking to get the most of the season's best.