Plan Your Trip with the Library

During the height of the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry took a big hit.  Travel restrictions, closed attractions and general anxiety kept many people at home for the last few years.  The 2022 travel season is looking brighter, and people are making plans to explore and expand their horizons.

I love to travel, both domestic and international.  Travel broadens your perspective on life.  Visiting new places will allow you to experience other regional and national cultures, try new foods, explore historical and cultural landmarks, and see how other people live and enjoy life. Travel is also a wonderful way to reconnect with family and friends and to make new memories.

The library is a great way to start your travel plans.  We provide access to thousands of travel guides (both in book form and online).  These guides provide amazing information to help research your trip.  They are also fun to take along with you as pathfinders and for additional information.  The library also offers streaming travel and cultural resources through Libby, Kanopy and Hoopla - discover a glimpse of where you are headed! 

Whether you are traveling in Kentucky, to one of our great national parks, or abroad, make the library your first stop for research and inspiration.  We are here to help make your next trip a great one!



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Dave Schroeder, Library Director