Reading During Pregnancy & Postpartum: It Can Be Hard

Pregnancy brain getting you down? Too busy to even think about what to read next? There are plenty of reasons to keep on top of reading during pregnancy and into postpartum. We know there’s so much to do and research during this sensitive time so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not reading right now. Here are some options that might get you out of a reading slump, into reading for the first time, or something to keep the brain fog at bay.  

Insomnia and hormonal changes have contributed to my steep reading drop-off for the year. Though I’ve been a reader my whole life this isn’t my first time facing a reading slump. As a first-time mom, I’ve been doing plenty of research (this is reading!) to help determine the kind of parent I’ll be, how to keep a newborn alive and thriving, and on how parental literacy and engagement benefits children.  

From modeling reading to your little one to spending quality time reading books with them, it encourages little minds, strengthens bonds, and is a great indicator of your child’s future academic success.  

With that in mind, here are some books and types of reading that might get you reading and take you through post-partum. Short books, audiobooks, articles, poetry, graphic novels, and picture books all count! It’s okay to not have the mental energy or time to sit with a physical novel. All reading is good reading.  

Most of what I’ve been reading lately are Consumer Reports articles on baby equipment which you can access via our website. This has helped me select sleep safe equipment for baby including a bassinet, crib, and products to avoid. Even if I haven’t ended up selecting an item from the CR lists, I’ve weighed my decision with the information they’ve provided, like selecting a car seat.  

Here are some reading lists to help you get started: 

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