Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tips


Dear reader, 

As a recent Pittsburgh Eras tour attendee, here are a few tips to make the most of your upcoming concert experience: 

  1. Listen to your favorite Taylor eras on the Hoopla app with your library card to prep for the concert! There's never a wait on Hoopla. Albums I'm listening to: Reputation, Lover and Midnights. Songs on repeat: ... Ready for It?, King of My Heart, Cruel Summer, The Archer, Lavender Haze, Bejeweled, Midnight Rain and Karma. Favorite eras: 1989, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights. 
  2. Be flexible. Plans are delicate so try to shake it off if everything doesn't go the way you expected.
  3. Be prepared to stand for 5+ hours. Make sure you have shoes that are comfortable not just for standing for the 3.5 concert but travel time, waiting in lines (merch lines can take hours to get through outside or inside of the stadium, food lines, bathroom lines,) the opening acts, and the time it takes you to get to transportation or home. Typically, Taylor comes on at 8 p.m. and the show ends at 11:30 p.m.
  4. Bring earplugs! Better to have them and not need them than to not have them and need them.
  5. Remember to check the stadium requirements for bags, etc. Most don't allow anything over a certain size and usually it needs to be clear.
  6. Most merch is available on the official Taylor Swift site, there are only a few tour exclusives, merch trucks will be available at the venue throughout the day prior to each show. 
  7. Have an end game for how you're leaving the show, there will likely be a gridlock on roads, rideshares will be competitive and likely expensive, walk if you can, or be prepared to wait for things to clear out. I've heard some people say to leave during Bejeweled. That's a personal call, but I was willing to wait the extra 60-90 minutes after the show to get home and don't regret staying for the whole show.
  8. Make bracelets if you have the time and resources! Fans bring them to share, and so many brought bags full of bracelets to give out before the show. You can attend a bracelet making event at the library. All supplies are provided.
  9. Download your tickets to your wallet so you can easily access them even if you lose service around the stadium.
  10. In Pittsburgh, there was a Capital One photo/video booth in the stadium right when you walk in after getting your tickets scanned that anyone could use, but for cardholders there was a social media contest component for upgraded seats. We won and got floor seats! 
  11. Phones: some people upgraded their phones before the concert if they could (I didn't so there was definitely a quality difference when it was light out vs after dark, but it wasn't a big deal to me), take a portable charger (my phone died before the 1989 set ?) or put your phone down and just enjoy your favorite songs in the moment!
  12. You'll receive a light up bracelet when you get in the stadium, they're timed to the songs throughout the show and will glow certain colors at certain times so be sure to wave your arms around when they do, it makes the stadium magical. They're recyclable and there are hampers in the stadium to dispose of them after the show. Don't forget!
  13. Dress how you want, whether that's in a bedazzled costume, your favorite era or comfy clothes! I was a Folklore girly in a thrifted dress, cardigan, and braid buns. Some trends: Lover colors and makeup, white sundresses and cowboy boots, red tops and black shorts, bubble braids, hair gems and snake tights.
  14. If you have floor seats it might be tough to get back in through the stadium, in Pittsburgh they wouldn't let us after a certain time and all drinks had to be poured into plastic cups. We only had access to porta-potties and by the end of the show most didn't have toilet paper. Bring napkins just in case!
  15. Checkout the setlist prior to showtime if you want to make sure you don't miss your favorite era or song: Lover, Fearless, Evermore, Reputation, Speak Now, Red, Folklore, 1989, Surprise songs and Midnights.
  16. Taylor changes outfits and microphones for each era, each night some of the outfits will change, if you're interested in design/fashion it's worth looking at the different looks she's done, there are already several articles, Youtube videos and Tiktoks about it. She wore the green Folklore dress at the show I went to, and I was screaming, "We got the green!!!!!" 
  17. She wears the Eras mani, each nail represents a different album. I tried to replicate it and it was really fun to get into the concert spirit a few days before the big show.
  18. Make sure to eat, drink plenty of water, and apply sunscreen prior to the show.
  19. Rest and relax the day after! 


Make Swiftie Friendship Bracelets at our Covington Branch Wed, June 28 anytime between 2 and 4, or in the evening from 6 to 8. (All ages)

Join us for Taylor Trivia and make friendship bracelets at our Erlanger Branch Sat, July 1 from 2-3:30. (Tweens & Teens)


By your neighborhood Swiftie librarian,

Janice Shepherd, Adult Collection Services Librarian II 

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