Community History – Bromley – City Hall

Bromley - City Hall

The exact date of construction for Bromley’s first city hall has been lost to history. By 1910, however, a city hall is mentioned for the first time in local newspapers. The structure was built on the north side of Boone Street west of Harris Street (now Steve Tanner Street). A substantial addition to this structure was constructed in 1939. The addition measured 25 x 30′ and housed a large meeting hall. Since this time, the hall has been used as a meeting place for the city council, volunteer fire department and other community organizations. Construction costs amounted to $2,000.

In 1961, Bromley voters approved a bond issue of $40,000 to remodel the city hall/firehouse. The vote passed by a margin of 145 to 53. The exterior of the building was remodeled in the Colonial Revival Style. The interior of the structure was also extensively modernized. The Bromley Volunteer Fire Department contributed $5,000 to the project.

By 1999, the old city building was showing its age. Structural weaknesses in the floor of the firehouse bay on the east side of the building resulted in the fire department storing their trucks with the Crescent Springs and Ludlow departments. City officials decided to construct a new bay for the fire department on the west side of city hall. The bids for the project amounted to $135,000. The new bay was completed in 2001.

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