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Bromley - Evans, Israel (DR.)

Israel Evans was born in c. 1809. According to his obituary, Evans operated the first pharmacy in the nearby City of Ludlow. The store was located at the northeast corner of Elm and Carneal Streets. Evans also practiced medicine in Ludlow. His office was located on the west side of George Street, north of Elm Street. Evans was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Ludlow.

In 1848, Evans purchased the Landmark and the surrounding 27 acres of property.
Israel Evans died on December 19, 1895 at his Bromley home. He was 86 years of age. Evans was survived by his second wife, Catherine. He was also survived by four children. Burial was at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati.

In 1897, Israel’s widow, Catherine, subdivided a portion of the Landmark estate and laid out a small subdivision. Streets in the new subdivision ran west from Rohman Street, and south from Pike Street. The names of the streets were: Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth.

Catherine Evans died on March 19, 1899 at her Bromley home. She was laid to rest at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. In 1900, the design of the Evans Subdivision was modified by her heirs. Fifth Street was eliminated and Short Street (north/south) was added between Pike and Second Streets.

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