Community History – Bromley – People – Haberle, Henry

Bromley - Haberle, Henry

Henry Haberle was a former mayor and assistant fire chief in Bromley. He was born in c. 1880 and was married to Minnie Reeves Haberle. The couple resided at 222 Boone Street in Bromley. Haberle was employed for 27 years by the Cincinnati Butcher’s Supply Company of Cincinnati.

Haberle served for eight years as mayor of the town. From 1941 to 1946, he held the position of assistant fire chief with the Bromley Volunteer Fire Department. Haberle also served on the Bromley Board of Education.

Haberle died on December 12, 1946. He was survived by his wife and four children: George Haberle, Ralph Haberle, Charles Haberle and Eleanor Haberle Armour. Funeral services were held at the Bromley Christian Church with burial at Highland Cemetery In Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

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