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Bromley - Jennings, Dorothy Traylor

Dorothy Traylor Jennings was born in Bromley on June 1, 1905 to Harry ‘Pig Iron” Traylor and Maud Worstell Traylor. She was their only child. Dorothy was married Gordon Jennings. Gordon Jennings was born on January 28, 1901.

Dorothy Jennings entered the social work profession in the 1930s. With the death of her father on May 7, 1939, Dorothy inherited the family business on Shelby Street. She and her husband operated a popular restaurant at this site called the Lamplite Patio. The restaurant was known for its welcoming atmosphere and fine cuisine. The couple operated the Patio until 1956 when Daniel W. Dale took over the establishment.

In 1958, Gordon and Dorothy Jennings teamed up with William Sullivan (owner of the Country Corner Grocery) to open the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club. The club acquired 400′ of property along Route 8 between Ludlow and Bromley. The facility included a 250’ floating dock and a large restaurant.

The Jennings were very active in politics. In the 1940s, Gordon Jennings held the elected office of Kenton County Sheriff. The couple also strongly supported the campaign of A.B. “Happy” Chandler for Kentucky governor. Gordon Jennings was Chandler’s campaign manager in Kenton County. Gordon also held the position of State Highway Commissioner for Fifth Congressional District (term began in 1956) and was a member of the Kenton County Airport Board.

Gordon and Dorothy Jennings eventually moved to Fort Mitchell. Gordon Jennings died in March 1983. Dorothy Traylor Jennings died on January 18, 1997 at the age of 91. Both were laid to rest at Highland Cemetery in Fort Mitchell. The couple had no children.

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