Community History – Bromley

Community History - Bromley

Bromley Facts

Incorporated: May 23, 1890
First House: Landmark
First Permanent Resident: Prettyman Perry
First Plat: 1848 by Charles Collins
Population: 838 (2000 Census)


Map of Bromley

Overview History

Project Participants:
Bromley Vets of World War II
Bromley Volunteer Fire Department

Churches and Schools
Bromley Christian Church
Bromley Public School
Immanuel United Church of Christ
Pleasant View Baptist Church and School

Veterans of World War II

Flood, 1937
Flood 1997
Tornado 1915
World War I
World War II

Gardner Cemetery
International Catfish Ranch
Lamplite Patio
Landmark House
Sanitation Plant
War Memorial

Bromley City Hall
Oak Street Bridge
Street Names
Volunteer Fire Department

Armour, Walter ‘Gene’
Bible, Haskell McKinley
Evans, Israel (Dr.)
Haberle, Henry
Jennings, Dorothy Traylor and Gordon
Ransom, Earl F.
Reinhart, Carl
Searp, William H.
Tanner, Steve
Traylor, Harry ‘Pig Iron’
Wheeler, George

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