Community History – Ludlow – River’s Breeze Condominiums

River’s Breeze Condominiums

In 2001, the Fischer Development Company announced a new development in the city. Plans called for the construction of 250 condominiums at the peak of Pigeon Point in the city’s east end. The 33-acre site offered spectacular views of Cincinnati, Covington and Ludlow. The project called for an estimated investment of between $30 and $40 million dollars.

The Pigeon Point site remained undeveloped throughout most of the city’s history due to the lack of water and sanitation lines. In September 2000, the City of Ludlow turned over its water district to the Northern Kentucky Water District. Also at this time, the sewer lines in the city became the responsibility of the Sanitation District No. 1. These new entities possessed the appropriate funds to provide sewer and water service the Pigeon Point area. With these services in place, development could begin.

Originally, the River’s Breeze development was called “Chateaux Devou,” because of its location adjacent to Covington’s Devou Park. Later in 2001, the name was changed to River’s Breeze. The Ludlow City Council passed a resolution changing the name of Uphill Avenue to River’s Breeze Drive. This road would provide access to the new development from Route 8 (Highway Avenue).

Groundbreaking for the new project took place on September 17, 2001. Before the close of the year, much of the grading on the site and the construction of River’s Breeze Drive was complete.

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