Community History – Ludlow – Tornado 1915

Tornado, 1915

On the evening of July 7, 1915, a large tornado swept through Ludlow. The high winds and rain did considerable damage. Several new homes on West Oak Street experienced damage from high winds. Roofs were blown off and many windows were broken.

At the Lagoon Amusement Park, the motor dome was almost completely destroyed. The north veranda on the clubhouse was wrecked and the roof of the dancing pavilion was blown completely from the rafters. Several rides also suffered damage, including the auto ride. Damage at the Lagoon amounted to $50,000.00.

St. Boniface Church on Adela Street (constructed in 1893-1894) suffered considerable damage. The tornado struck the building broadside, leaving only the apse and tower standing. The entire nave was littered by broken art glass, rafters and roofing material. Over $30,000.00 was required to rebuild the structure.

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