World War II Veterans of Ludlow

The Ludlow World War II Veterans organization was established in May 1946. Over 100 former servicemen and women participated in its inception. At this time, almost 900 veterans lived in the city. The following temporary officers were elected: William Stubbs (president), William Grieme (vice president), Alvin Reed (recording secretary), Nicholas Allgeyer (financial secretary), and Al Schwartz (treasurer).

The major financial benefactor of the new group was the Ludlow Service Organization, which was established in 1943. William Burns (1943) and G.W. Efker (1943-1946) held the office of president of the Ludlow Service Organization. The organization’s primary goal was to raise funds to assist returning veterans in re-establishing their homes and careers. Government programs, like the GI Bill, made the local fundraising efforts unnecessary. The Ludlow Service organization, therefore, decided to turn over their funds ($9,000.00) to the new veterans group.

In 1951, the Veterans purchased the Good Fellowship Club building and grounds on west Elm Street. In 1954, a large hall with an upper level patio was added to the facilities. The organization expanded its membership by welcoming veterans from the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War.