Community History – Covington – Quarry Pointe & the War Memorial

Quarry Pointe and the War Memorial

Quarry Pointe is a triangular piece of property located near the entrance to Devou Park in the Lewisburg neighborhood. The property is bordered by Lewis, Montague, Amsterdam and Quarry Streets. For many years, the property was used a supplemental parking for area residents and for those visiting the nearby VFW Post. By the early 1990s, the property was an eyesore for the community.

In 1994, the Lewisburg Neighborhood Association (LNA) began discussing possible uses for the parcel. Ideas included a paved parking lot for area residents, a gateway park for the neighborhood and open green space. Eventually, a combination parking area with a dozen spaces and a small green space was decided upon. In March 1994, the LNA applied for a block grant from the City of Covington to complete the work at Quarry Pointe. The grant was received and work began. The completed and landscaped Quarry Pointe provided the neighborhood with a much more attractive and functional entryway.

A war memorial to all those who died in service to their country exists adjacent to Quarry Pointe. The memorial was sponsored by the Pohlmann-Linnemann Veterans of Foreign Wars 1484. This organization is located across the street from the memorial and just on the other side of the Park Hills-Covington boundary line. The memorial consists of two pieces of field artillery, a large flagpole and a small bronze tablet bearing the inscription: “Lest we forget, to honor the members of this post killed in the service of their country, 1941-1945.”

Lewisburg Neighborhood Association Records, Kenton County Public Library.

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