An Atlas of Bracken &
Pendleton Counties 1884
An Atlas of Boone, Kenton
& Campbell Counties 1883
An Atlas of Carroll &
Gallatin County 1883
City Atlas of
Covington 1877
kentoncounty1914Kenton County 1914 kentucky1845Map of Kentucky from 1845 placesofinterestPlaces & Things of Interest in Cincinnati latoniaracetrackRoutes to Latonia Race Course 1959

Short Route through the heart
of Covington
TC RanshawTC Ranshaw for Alterman Map we_gunn W.E. Gunn Democratic
Primary Map 1899

St. John Cemetery Plots 
Ft. Mitchell, KY

Map Inventory

The local history department of the Kenton County Library is home to a number of different maps.  In our collection there are maps illustrating street planning, topographical features, economic development, census data, aeronautical information, and many others. All of these are available in our Covington location at 502 Scott Blvd. and our index will help you find the map that best suits your needs. Simply search for a keyword (such as “Covington” or a year) and you will be able to see all we have on the subject and where to find it in our department’s map case.

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