Anna Catherine Minogue

A long-time resident of Latonia and author of many books and articles. Anna C. Minogue was born in 1874 in Carlisle, Kentucky, to John Minogue and Jane Degnan, both natives of Ireland. The family eventually moved to Covington, where they lived at 3520 Myrtle Avenue. She had one sibling, Theresa Minogue.

Anna Minogue was educated at Nazareth College in Nazareth, Kentucky. She worked her entire adult life as a journalist. She was employed by the Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph, a newspaper published by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. She was a gifted writer who produced a number of fictional and historical works. Among her efforts included: As the Stream Flows, A son of Adam, Cardome: A Romance of Kentucky (1905), Borrowed from the Night, The Blind Priest, Their Long Inheritance, Silas Gray, Waters of Contradiction, Story of Santa Maria Institute (1922), Loretto: Annals of the Century (1912) and Pages From One Hundred Years of Dominican History: The Story of the Congregation of St. Catherine of Sienna (1922). A number of her works also appeared in the America, Catholic World, and Ave Maria.

Anna C. Minogue died on December 24, 1958 at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington. Funeral services were conducted at Holy Cross Church in Covington with burial at Carlisile, Kentucky. She was survived by nine cousins.

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