Charles H. Fisk

Charles H. Fisk was born on August 31, 1843 at Fiskburg, Kenton County. He attended Miami University and graduated valedictorian of his class. During the Civil War, Fisk gathered a volunteer company called the squirrel hunters. Fisk acted as captain of this company. Fisk became a member of the Kentucky bar in 1865 and practiced law in the City of Lexington for one year. He then moved to Covington. In Covington, Fisk practiced law with his father, John F. Fisk. Charles H. Fisk was active in many organizations. He was secretary of the Covington and Cincinnati Bridge Company, a 33rd Degree Mason, President of the Kenton County Bar Association and Superintendent of the Sunday School at First Christian Church in Covington. Fisk died in October 1930. He was survived by his widow, Margaret, and two children. Funeral services were conducted at the First Christian Church of Covington with burial at Highland Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Kentucky Post, October 20, 1930, p. 1.

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