Frank Broering

Covington native, brick manufacturer and bank president. Frank Broering was born on October 8, 1865 on the Madison Pike (opposite the present day Holmes High School). His parents were Dominicus Broering (1831-1867) and Elizabeth Trenkamp Broering (1835-1921), both immigrants from Oldenburg. He was baptized at St. Joseph Church in Covington on October 9, 1865. Broering’s father died in 1867. Frank Broering attended St. Augustine School in Central Covington until the age of ten, when he began working at Schwertman’s Brickyard in Covington.

At the age of 15 he found employment at the Hall Safe Company. In 1884, he began working at the Meier & Broering Brickyard at Burnett and Garrard Streets in Covington. This brick company was owned by his mother and brother-in-law (August Meier). By 1892, Frank Broering was made a partner in the brickyard business. The brickyard changed locations several times in its history. By 1892, it was located at the foot of Wallace Avenue at the Licking River. In 1914, the brickyard had moved to the foot of Delmar Place at the Licking River. Meier & Broering Brickyard closed entirely in 1929. Broering was also active in the banking industry. He served as a director of the Union Perpetual Building and Loan. He was also one of the founding directors of the Central Savings Bank and Trust Company in Covington. In 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, he was elected by the stockholders as president of the institution.

Frank Broering married Rose Meibers on June 22, 1892 at St. Augustine Church. Rose’s Father, Barney Meibers operated a hall and saloon at the corner of Madison and 19th Streets. Frank and Rose Broering and their family lived in Central Covington (later Covington). As the brickyard became more prosperous, the family built a new brick home at 325 W. 19th Street. In 1909, Broering financed the construction of a new home at 1819 Holman Street. The family lived in this home until 1925, when they built a fine residence at 320 Hawthorne Street. The Broering family attended St. Augustine Church in Covington. All of the children attended St. Augustine School, and Frank Broering served as a trustee of the congregation for a number of years.

Frank Broering was also on the Board of Directors of the St. John Orphan Asylum. In addition, he served on the Board of Trustees of the Mother of God Cemetery Association. Frank Broering died on April 29, 1951 in his home at 320 Hawthorne Avenue in Covington. He was survived by his widow, Rose Meibers Broering. Other survivors included his children: Herman Broering, Albert Broering, Joseph Broering, Frank Broering, Paul Broering, Sister Mary Dolorita (Hilda) Broering S.N.D., Marie Broering Maschinot and Rosella Broering Litzelman. Two of his daughters, Lillian Broering and Emma Broering Schroeder, preceded him in death. The funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Augustine Church in Covington with burial at Mother of God cemetery in the same city.

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