Community History – Covington Centennial

Community History - Covington - Covington Centennial

The Covington Centennial celebrations were held from Sunday September 13, through September 19, 1914. A research mistake led to the celebration of the 100th Anniversary in 1914. The actual anniversary was in 1915.

Schedule of Events
Sunday September 13:
Religious Day – Services in all the churches of the city.

Monday September 14:
Kenton County Day – Morning – Opening of the Pure Food and Industrial Exposition at the Market House on Madison Avenue, Opening of the Arts and Sciences Exhibitions at the old Y.M.C.A. Building at 8th and Madison Avenue, Opening of the Historical Exhibition at the Carnegie Library on Scott. Afternoon – Opening of the Midway at Second and Scott, Crowing of the Centennial Queen and the arrival of Simon Kenton at the foot of Greenup Street. Evening – Industrial and Historical parade, Opening of the Musical production entitled “Covingtonia,” Outdoor cabaret and masked costumed contest on Madison Avenue between Fifth and Ninth Streets. Notes: The Centennial Queen was Miss Myrtle Kinsey. Float winners of the Industrial and Historical Parade were: 1st Place Eilerman and Sons, 2nd Place Bavarian Brewery, 3rd Place Dan Cohen Shoes and honorable mention to Fred Pieper Jewelry.

Tuesday September 15: Fraternal Orders Day – Gathering of the Fraternal Orders, Competitive drills at the Latonia Race Track, Parade of the Fraternal Orders, “Covingtonia” presentation at the Lyric Theater and Outdoor street cabaret and masked costumed contest.

Wednesday September 16: Campbell County and Homecoming Day – Reception for the pioneers of Covington and homecoming guests hosted by the mayor, “Covingtonia” presented at the Lyric Theater, Reception of the Newport delegation, Auto floral parade and Outdoor cabaret and masked costumed contest.

Thursday September 17: Governor’s, Mayor’s and Kentucky State Grange Day – Morning – Reception of the President of the United States, Reception of Governor’s and Mayor’s and meeting of the Kentucky State Grange. Afternoon – Motorboat race, Canoe races and Swimming Contest at the riverfront. Evening – Banquet in honor of the President of the United States, “Covingtonia” presentation, Outdoor cabaret and masked costumed contest. Notes: President Woodrow Wilson sent his regrets in a letter to the Mayor. The Kentucky Governor was represented in Covington by Lt. Governor Edward McDermott.

Friday September 18: Cincinnati Day – Reception for the Cincinnati Business Association, “Covingtonia” presentation, Masked and costumed grotesque parade and Outdoor cabaret.

Saturday September 19: Mothers and Children’s Day – Children’s Parade and Pageant, Grand athletic meet at the Latonia Race Track, “Covingtonia” presented, Outdoor cabaret and masked costumed contest and closing ceremonies.

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