Experience Covington

Experience Covington

In 2009 Experience Covington was designed as an interactive, web-based tour of historical landmarks and places of interest in Covington, Kentucky. Topics included Faith, Arts & Culture, Historic, Architecture, Neighborhoods and Unexpected Covington. Below are the audio files used for this project:

Anchor Grill

Artisan Enterprise Center

Baker Hunt

Daniel Carter Beard House

Behringer Crawford


Chez Nora

City Hall

Flood Wall Murals

Garden of Hope

Gateway Mosaics

Gliers Goetta

Henry Farny Art Park

Holmes High School

Kenton County Public Library

Levassor Park

Licking Riverside

Linden Grove

Madison Theater


Matt Langford

Motch Jewelers

Mutter Gottes - Mother of God Church


Railway Museum

Ritte's Corner

Roebling Bridge

Spaceship House

Trinity Episcopal

Wallace Woods



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