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Goodreads – Book lovers rejoice!  Visit our Goodreads page to discuss books and grow that TBR.

Hold Shelf Surprise – Pick up a surprise book or books each month.

New Items – Looking for something new?  You can check out our new item lists for the latest books, movies and music.

Borrow Books from Another Library – Interlibrary Loan (ILL) – We may not have the book you need on our shelves, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t try to find it for you.  Try our Interlibrary Loan service and borrow a book that we do not own.

Author Lists – We have some great suggestions for your favorite genres.  Download a list today.

Novelist – Novelist helps you find your next great book.  Search for similar authors, themes or find series information.

Book Kits – Do you host a book club?  Checkout one of our many book kits for your group.

Digital Book Kits – An online version of our popular book kits.

Book Discussion – Consider joining one of our book clubs.

Local Authors – Authors with a connection to the Kenton County area may now donate their work to our local authors collection.

Library Reads – The top ten books published this month that librarians across the country love.

Omnivoracious – Omnivoracious is a blog run by the books editors at We aim to share our passion for the written word through news, reviews, interviews, and more. This is our space to talk books and publishing frankly and we welcome participation through comments

RA for All – RA for All is a showcase of the wonderful world of Readers’ Advisory (RA). But what is RA? Readers’ Advisory is a patron oriented, nonjudgmental public library service that strives to help fiction and nonfiction readers find books to read for enjoyment.

Stacked – On the surface, is interested in reviewing books for readers while simultaneously enticing non-readers to think about reading in fun and interesting ways. As librarians, we are aware that literacy comes in many formats, so we strive to include not just physical book reviews, but also reviews of audio books, digital books, videos, music, zines, graphic novels, and other materials easily found in the stacks.

EarlyWord – It’s not exactly a blog, but contains highly informative, short posts. Below is some information on the site:

  • Every day, we post stories about books you need to know:
  • Each Friday, we post our New Title Radar, to alert you to the titles you need to know the following week; the ones that will grab headlines, new titles by repeat popular authors and a “Watch List” of books that may take off through word of mouth.
  • Throughout the week, we issue holds alerts on titles that are building unexpectedly long wait lists, readers advisories on titles with popular appeal, plus information on media attention on books.
  • On Thursdays, we look at best seller lists, highlighting debuts and breakout authors.
  • We also alert you to books being made into movies.
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