Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Use Policy

Purpose and Availability

The use of meeting space is provided free of charge to individuals and groups for civic, educational, and philanthropic purposes. Meeting rooms are available to any group regardless of its beliefs or affiliations. Attendance at meetings may not be restricted based on age, race, sex, religion, national origin, disability or any other legally protected status. Approval to use meeting room space does not constitute an endorsement by the Library Board of the group’s or individual’s policies or beliefs.

Facilities and Equipment

Library equipment and services will vary depending on the location. All requests for equipment and services must be made in writing at the time the meeting room is reserved. Organizations are responsible for arranging the room for their meeting using existing furniture and equipment. If a group is unable to arrange the room as needed, special requests may be made at the time of application. Lost or damaged Library equipment must be replaced; the person making the application for the use of the room is held responsible. The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, or any other materials owned by a group and used in the Library. Parking is provided free of charge to all who use the Library. All groups expecting large attendance are requested to remind their participants to help keep parking convenient for regular library patrons. Refreshments may not be brought into the Library without approval; alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Smoking, tobacco products, or open flames are not permitted. Accidents must be reported immediately to a staff member.

Guidelines for Public Use

• All meetings shall be open to the public.
• Meeting rooms are available during posted library hours. Meeting rooms must be vacated fifteen minutes prior to closing time.
• Application must be made at least forty-eight hours prior to the meeting but not more than two months in advance. Use of the meeting room by the Library takes precedence over all outside requests.
• The room will not be made available to any organizations for regularly scheduled meetings on a weekly, monthly, or other recurrent basis.
• Individuals booking the meeting room must be at least 18 years of age. The individual who signs the meeting room request is responsible for the supervision of the group.
• No conduct disturbing regular library use or infringing on any library rules is permitted.
• Numbers of attendees cannot exceed the posted maximum occupancy of the room.
• Abuse of meeting room or failure to adhere to Library policies may result in loss of meeting room privileges.
• The Library reserves the right to cancel meetings for operational reasons or if an emergency exists. Groups must notify the Library of a cancellation of a meeting at the earliest possible date.
• Except as a designation of location, the name of the Library may not be used in any publicity.

The following uses of library meeting rooms are not permitted:

• The sale or promotion of products or services. Businesses requesting use of meeting rooms for training or managerial purposes will be given individual consideration.
• Groups charging admission or soliciting donations. Non-profit organizations or educational institutions offering classes or seminars may be permitted to charge a fee with prior approval.
• Social functions or recitals unless sponsored by the Library.
• Activities likely to disrupt regular Library operations.
• The promotion of illegal activities. Meetings and individuals must conform to local laws or ordinances.

Review or Appeal Process

Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the Library Director or his/her designee. Individuals or groups who are denied the use of a meeting room may appeal to the Director. Such appeal shall be filed in writing with the Director within 10 business days of rejection of the application.

Adopted: 10/15/02 Amended: 09/21/04 Amended: 12/15/09 Amended: 07/20/10

Notice to Outside Groups:
As a designation of location, only the name and address of the library may be used to publicize an event. The library’s logo and any images of the buildings, staff, or collection may not be used in any publicity. Violation of this policy may result in immediate loss or revocation of future meeting room use.  

The marketing material you use to advertise your meeting must include the phrase: "This is not a Kenton County Public Library event.

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