Job Fairs: What You Need to Know

Here are a few things to know before a job fair and some tips for making a good impression.

What typically happens at a job fair:

  • Jobseekers can speak with a targeted selection of employers, allowing them the opportunity to build relationships for follow up.
  • Contacts are developed with company representatives.
  • Jobseekers learn about the skills, experience, and education requirements for opportunities.
  • A job fair is a great place to practice presenting yourself to employers.

Tips for getting the most from a virtual job fair:

The sponsor of the virtual job fair, such as the Kentucky Career Center, opens a new window, Ohio Means Jobs, opens a new window, Cincinnati Works, opens a new window and SupplyChainOKI, opens a new window, will provide a link to register for their event. Once registered, you will have access to a “Landing Page” that will provide a list of employers expected to attend the event.

Visit the employers’ websites to review their careers section before you attend. Note any opportunities of interest. If you do not find an attractive position — but you admire the company — keep it on your priority list.

  • Entry-level jobs are often plentiful at job fairs, but do not overlook them if you are mid-career. You can connect with Human Resource Managers or Talent Recruiters for future opportunities.

Zoom, opens a new window is the preferred platform for virtual job fairs. New to Zoom? The library offers several resources to help you feel confident:

  • Be organized and look professional. Practice your set-up, lighting and sound in advance. Be sure to look at the camera on your computer when speaking to make good eye contact, and always introduce yourself by name. Your goal is to be remembered!
  • Practice your 30 second “Elevator Pitch” in advance. An elevator pitch includes your name and a summary of your strongest skills and experience. Elevator Pitch Power Hour classes are offered monthly via Zoom by the Kenton County Public Library.
  • Zoom’s “Break-Out Rooms” allow job fair organizers to greet you in a “Welcome Room” and to answer any questions. Throughout the job fair, you will always be able to return to the “Welcome Room” for assistance.

  • You will be able to click through virtual “Doors” to meet individually with each company. Employers will normally share information about job openings, company culture and benefits, plus their application process.
  • When finished with an employer, thank them for their time, confirm the best way to reach them, and ask if you can connect with them on LinkedIn. Click the red “Leave Room” button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to return to the Employers Landing Page.
  • Take a moment to jot down some notes about your first experience. Write the employer’s contact name, email address and phone number down if supplied. Note anything special you could follow-up with them on later. Click on another employer’s “Door” and click-in to repeat the process when ready.

All you need is your KCPL card, opens a new window to get started!

Written by Natalie Ruppert, Workforce Development Manager for the Kenton County Public Library.