Kenton County Public Library’s School Services Coordinator

The Kenton County Public Library has a School Services Coordinator. Although the Library has always provided services to local schools, this position allows the Library to coordinate our services as a system and assist schools and families with the changing needs during the pandemic.

Lise Tewes, who has been with the Library since 2000, has taken on the position of School Services Coordinator. Lise has worked as a children’s librarian and program coordinator for Kenton County Public Library. She was a teacher in the area for five years.

Some of the duties of the School Services Coordinator include:

  • Creating a systemwide School Outreach Team of programmers to carry on our work in a comprehensive way.
  • Provide in-house and virtual programming.
  • Create a webpage of resources for students, parents and teachers.
  • Be a one-stop shop for people to contact for information about school services.
  • Provide library cards to as many teachers and students as possible.
  • Promote all online services (databases, eBooks, programming, etc.) and provide training to schools.
  • Coordinate IT support to schools on resources when needed.
  • Maintain consistent contacts with our districts to make sure we are providing them with as much assistance as possible.

“Services to schools and homeschool families have always been an important part of the work of the Library, as well as the work that I have done for 20 years at the Erlanger Branch,” says Tewes. “We know that the needs of students and teachers are enormous right now, due to the pandemic and the movement of instruction to a virtual environment. My new position will allow the Library to focus on this need, as well as make it easier for school administrators, teachers, and homeschool families to connect with the Library.”

Library Executive Director Dave Schroeder says Tewes is the perfect fit for the School Services Coordinator position. “Her time at the Library, as well as her background as an elementary school educator and experience as a parent provides her with the perspective needed to best meet the needs of educators.”

Tewes encourages educators to reach out her so she can assist in this challenging journey. She can be reached at or by calling 859-962-4147.