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What are staff members reading? What hidden features of the Library should I know about? How do I start doing genealogy research?

Blog and news posts are here to keep you in the know and answer your most burning questions.

Finding Blog posts

You can find all Blog Posts  links anytime in the Information column of the footer at the bottom of our website. These links will take you to a page of all posts of that type ordered from newest to oldest.

What will I find on the Blog? 

You're actually reading a blog post right now! Way to go.

On our Blog, you'll find posts about everything from highlighted Library services, upcoming events, to staff reading recommendations.

Posts are created by Kenton County Public Library staff members (unless otherwise noted). 

Categories and tags

We've divvied up our content into a few different categories so you can easily explore the stories you're most interested in.

When you're viewing a blog post (like you are right now!), you'll see several Categories at the left hand side at the top of the blog, such as: Adults, Birth to 5, Kids, Homework Help, etc. You can click these category links to find more posts on similar topics. And, at the bottom of the blog, you'll find more specific Tags, such as: Archives, Movies, Genealogy and more. Again, you can click on these tags to find more posts on similar topics.

We have different profiles that contribute to our blog. You'll see a variety of posts from each of these profiles, and can visit them independently (and bookmark them!) to see posts only of that nature:

In our News posts, you'll find of-the-moment updates from Kenton County Public Library, including:

  • Announcements
  • News releases
  • Service updates or outages
  • Changes to open hours
  • Special event announcements
  • Corporate and Board news

You can find all of our news posts on our press release page here

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