All About Our Digital Library and Online Resources

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Your Kenton County Public Library card gives you access to digital books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, movies, music, and much more.

On our new site, finding it all is simple. with this guide to our Digital Library.

Accessing our Digital Library

To get started searching in our Digital Library collection, click the Digital Library tab on our website menu bar.

Under this tab, you can browse our digital content by Overdrive, Hoopla and Live Homework Help, or By Subject or Format.

You can also use the website's Search box to search our Website for any Online Resources related to your keywords.

Once you've landed on an Online Resource, you'll read a quick blurb about it. Clicking the Resource title will take you to the external website where it is hosted. So see a complete list of all our resources click, "A-Z Resources."

Explore by Format

Formats, under the Digital Library tab allows you to browse the collection based on the type of resource it is. Quickly find ebooks, databases, apps and online courses. The menu is on the far right side of the Digital Library menu:

Explore by Subject

Whether you’re searching for information about health and wellness or for news and current events, we’ve got you covered.

For a complete list of subjects, click Subject in the Digital Library Menu.

Let Online Resources find you

We also highlight Online Resources on many special pages throughout our website. For example, when browsing our Career and Job Services page, you might discover the Gale Courses resource highlighted at the bottom of the page and realize it's a perfect tool to help build your leadership skills.

You're all set to go digital. Enjoy it all!

Extra help: Watch our how-to tutorials on Niche Academy

Customized for many of our online resources.