Which Book from the Bluegrass Should You Read?

In my Kentucky life, I’ve grown up in North Kentucky, gone to College in Western Kentucky, and have lived in Appalachia. From living all over the K-Y, I’ve noticed how this fried-chicken-leg-shaped state is rich with farmed land, indigenous folklore, mammoth bones, and limestone coloring our grass blue. When I spot a short golden rod flower on a rolling hill, I am thankful for the pieces of Kentucky in me. And I’m in good company. Along with the bourbon distillers and racehorse jockeys, there are plenty of home-grown authors, artists, and activists capturing the richness of Kentucky.

I’ve curated just a sampling of Kentucky flavored titles from the KCPL collection, and you can discover which title you may enjoy by following the questions on the flowchart! Start in the top right corner, where Kentucky’s outline is, and follow the questions to see where the journey takes you.

Written by Stella Childress, Library Associate

Books from the Bluegrass State

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Along with bourbon and thoroughbreds, Kentucky is home to some great authors and artists! Y'all should check out these titles!

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