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Bromley Christian Church

The Bromley Christian Church was established in 1892. At that time, a small church building was constructed on Kenton Street (the location of the current building). Many of the early members previously attended the Christian Church in Ludlow.

Population growth in the City of Bromley resulted in the congregation’s membe  rship. In early 1905, the Rev. Earl B. Barr arrived in Bromley. Barr’s enthusiasm resulted in the doubling of membership by 1906. In that same year, the congregation undertook a complete remodeling of the church building. New pews and carpeting were installed and the interior furnishings were updated.

Tragedy struck the congregation in 1923 when the pastor, Rev. John W. Ricketts, was struck by a train. Ricketts’ right leg was severed at the knee. While the minister was recovering from his injuries, his wife, Elsie, conducted the services at Bromley Christian.

Bromley Christian ChurchThe growth of the congregation necessitated the construction of a new church building in 1926. The church board approved plans for a two-story concrete block structure. The lower level would contain classrooms and an assembly hall, and the upper level would contain the main auditorium. The building was based on the design of the Latonia Christian Church in Covington. In May 1926, the men of the congregation began dismantling the 1892 church structure. While the new church was under construction, services were held in the Bromley Public School.


The first services were held in the basement of the new building in February 1927. The dedication ceremonies for the new church were conducted on Easter Sunday 1928. Parishioners kept the cost of constructing the edifice down by doing much of the work themselves. The total cost amounted to $30,000.

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