Community History – Covington – Lewisburg Neighborhood Association

Community History - Covington - Lewisburg Neighborhood Association

In June 1992, over one hundred Lewisburg residents attended a public meeting to discuss the future preservation and development of the neighborhood. One outcome of this meeting was the establishment of the Lewisburg Neighborhood Association (LNA) in 1993 (the by-laws were adopted on April 14, 1993). The first newsletter of the organization, The Lewisburg Ledger, was published in June 1993.

Among the first successful endeavors of the group was the completion of an application to include the neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places. This status was achieved on November 5, 1993. Lewisburg became the 14th neighborhood in Covington to be placed on the National Register.

The members of the Lewisburg Neighborhood Association also produced a comprehensive plan for the community. The plan called for the preservation of much of the housing stock in the neighborhood and for the construction of in-fill housing. The plan also emphasized the need for the restoration of numerous dilapidated homes and business in the area. These efforts led to the restoration of several buildings on Pike, Watkins and 12th Streets. In addition, a modest condominium complex was built on Western Avenue.

In 1994, the LNA sponsored Lewisburg’s first block watch program with the assistance of Covington city officials. During that same year, the “Bloom where I’m Planted Program,” was inaugurated. This program included an essay and writing contest for over 600 Covington public and parochial school students. The goal of the program was to show area youth how they could become more involved in their local communities.
Members of LNA were instrumental in the establishment of the Dixie Pike Family Health Center in 1994. The center was opened in a commercial building owned by Ed and Ruth Molloy at 1100 Pike Street. The center is operated by Northern Kentucky Family Health Center Inc.

LNA also sponsored periodic maintenance for Father Henry Hanses Park at 11th and Hermes Streets. Playground equipment was replaced and the area was cleaned and beautified by LNA members. The park was officially re-dedicated on October 4, 1997.

Records of the Lewisburg Neighborhood Association, Kenton County Public Library Collection.

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