Bernard T. Wisenall

Bernard T. Wisenall was a prolific architect and long-time resident of West Covington. He was born on September 4, 1869 in Maysville, Kentucky. His parents were John Bernard Wisenall and Jane Eckmann Campbell Wisenall. He married Emma Rambo of Newport in 1900.

In April 1893, Wisenall formed a partnership with Louis E. Dittoe. The partners designed a number of buildings in Northern Kentucky including: Covington City Hall (1899), Kentucky Post Building (400 block of Madison), First Christian Church (5th Street in Covington – 1893), and an addition to the Kelly-Koett X Ray Plant in Covington. They also were responsible for the design of the Pugh-Polk Building on Pike Street in downtown Cincinnati.

The firm of Dittoe and Wisenall dissolved in 1910. Bernard T,. Wisenall continued to design buildings on his own. Some of these structures included the John G. Carlisle Junior High School and Third District School, both in Covington. In 1917, Wisenall was appointed the project architect of the Dixie Highway Beautification Project. In 1924, he designed the new Ben A. Adams Insurance Co. Building at the northwest corner of Fifth and Madison. Also, during the 1920s, Wisenall was active in designing homes in the new subdivision of Park Hills (several on Emerson Drive).

In 1927, he was responsible for the design of the Girl’s Friendly Society Building at Trinity Episcopal Church in Covington. Bernard T., Wisenall died on July 16, 1942 at his home, 1210 Highway Avenue, Covington (Hathaway Hall). He was survived by his wife, Emma Rambo-Wisenall. Services were held at Trinity Episcopal Church in Covington with burial at Highland Cemetery, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

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