Charles P. Devou

Charles P. Devou was the Son of William P. Devou Sr. (1826-1897) and Sarah Ogden Devou (1828-1909). He was born in Cincinnati on August 25, 1858. He had two siblings: James Ogden Devou (1852-1865) and William P. Devou Jr. (1855-1937). Charles family moved to Northern Kentucky in the 1860s (present day Devou Park). It was in this home that Charles was raised. Eventually, Charles married Helen Mondary. The couple had one child, William P. Devou. Charles Mother, Sarah Ogden Devou died in 1909. At this time, Charles and Helen Devou moved into the Devou Family home. Charles and William P. Devou Jr. donated the 500-acre family estate to the City of Covington for park purposes in 1910. Charles and Helen kept the right to live in the Devou home until their death. In addition, the couple owned a home at 1255 Michigan Avenue in Cincinnati. From 1911 until shortly before his death in 1922, Charles P. Devou held the position of Devou Park Superintendent. Charles P. Devou died on August 21, 1922 in Cincinnati.

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