Community History – Covington – Lewisburg Smoking Club

Neighborhood: Lewisburg

The Lewisburg Smoking Club was established in 1892. Originally, the club was a benefit society that provided funds to sick and infirm members. The clubhouse of the organization was located at 18 West Ninth Street.

The members maintained a tradition of smoking pipes at their regular weekly meetings. In time, the tradition became more elaborate. Large pipe cases were required to house the members’ pipes, which were of varying sizes and designs.

As the members aged, interest in the club declined. The last meeting of the Lewisburg Smoking Club was held in December 1931.

The club drew members from throughout the Lewisburg neighborhood. Some of the early members included: William Brueste, Joe Carl, Edward Caton, Ed Flottman, Joe Flottman, John Frilling, Charles Fromandi, George Gleier, Herman Helling, Peter Heupel, John Hoersting, Joseph Kitten, Joe Kroger, Ernst Lind, John Lind, Frank Lohre, Andy Maier, Charles Nagele, George Radenheimer, Fred Reidinger, Ernst Ritzius, Martin Romes, Charles Sandel, Joe Sandel, Nick Schaeffer, Barney Scheper, Charlie Scheerer, Charles Schmidt, George Schmitt, Edward Schneider, Fred Schneieder, Emil Schmitt, John Butler Seiler, Charles Selhorst, August Sieve, Eugene Soden, Tony Walz, Joe Willmes, Charles Wohrley, Ed Wohrley, William Wohrley, William Yagel and Charles Zimmerman.

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