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The Northern Kentucky Accountability Group is a job search support group for professionals in career transition due to layoff, business closure, change in life situation or simply the desire to switch careers, sponsored by the Kenton County Public Library. Through participation, you will have access to KCPL job search support classes, job skill classes, weekly speakers, networking opportunities, connections to community partners, job leads and assistance from our staff and volunteer coaches. All information is based on current industry trends as well as in response to our community's specific needs.


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Upcoming Guest Speaker:

Dr. Kimberly Luse

Dr. Kimberly Luse

President and Founder of Strategic Ethical Solutions, Author of Losing Your Job Without Losing Your Mind:  Strategic Ethical Solutions and Circling the Drain

You are The Architect of Your Life:  Go Get It!

Wednesday, October 12th, 9:15 AM


  • If you have any Career and Job Services questions or issues with programming, registration, or our provided resources, please contact either of the following: 
    Mikaela Brungs              mikaela.brungs@kentonlibrary.org 859-962-4006  Michelle Mueller            michelle.mueller@kentonlibrary.org 859-962-4141 
  • To access Gale Courses you must first obtain a Kenton County Public Library card. An online card application can be found here, opens a new window. Click on “Digital Library" from the top navigation menu. Under format click on "Online Learning Courses." You will see Gale Courses on the list.

  • The best way to contact a Career Navigator is to visit this page, opens a new window. Contact information is listed. Please email or call to schedule an appointment for assistance with your job search or career transition. A Career Navigator will get in touch with you within 24 hours.  

  • Interested parties can sign up for the NKYAG Weekly Newsletter here, opens a new window. The newsletter usually goes out on Friday afternoons.  

  • Past recordings can be accessed here. Recordings are listed chronologically from newest to oldest. The listing will have both the recording link and the password to access. 

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Weekly NKYAG NewsletterMonthly NKYAG Newsletter

Sign up to receive weekly emails about upcoming events and job search updates. 
Sign up to receive weekly emails about upcoming events and job search updates. 
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