Program Proposal Guide

Program Proposal Guide

Thank you for offering to share your expertise with our community. Library programs are considered a core service and are designed to further the goals and objectives of the library’s strategic plan and support the vision of the library: to enrich, empower, and transform lives. Community partners like you help us achieve this goal. As a requirement of leading a Library-sponsored program, the presenter must agree to and abide by the items outlined in the library’s Programming Guidelines | Kenton Library. 

Program Criteria 

  •  The following criteria are considered in the decision to accept or decline a program proposal.
  • Meets our strategic plan focus areas. 
  • Relevant to community interests and issues 
  • Proposed program does not duplicate content  
  • Presenter’s background & qualifications demonstrate high competency in subject 
  • Content suitable for intended audience 
  • Sufficient availability of staffing, resources and program space 
  • No scheduling conflicts 
  • Alignment with Guidelines below 
  • Quality and completion of the Program Proposal Application. Incomplete applications may be denied. 

Programs must be open to the public and be free to attend and participate. A library staff person may be present during the program. 

Programs are not to be used for commercial purposes and must be secular and non-partisan.  

Library programming prohibits commercial advertising, direct solicitation, and fundraising. Solicitation of business is allowed under the following exceptions: 

  1. Authors may sell copies of their works at library-sponsored readings or visits. 
  2. Musical and dramatic performers may sell recordings of their work at library-sponsored performances. 
  3. The Friends of the Library may sell items at programs with prior Library management approval. 
  4. Other situations pending approval of the library’s director. 

With permission from the library director or a library supervisor, brochures and business cards related to the program subject may be placed on a display table for attendees to pick up at their discretion. These promotional materials should not be a talking point in the program and may not be used or passed out before, during, or after the program or in the program space.   

The presenter will communicate any special requests, A/V or otherwise, in the program proposal application. 

The library will manage the creation of marketing graphics and images. Any marketing or publicity related to the program must be approved by the library program coordinator or library PR director before use or dissemination. 

The presenter(s) and all program attendees are subject to all library policies and guidelines and to the rules for acceptable and appropriate behavior outlined in the library’s Code of Conduct. 

The library reserves the right to decline any program proposal as it sees fit. 

The library reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the presenter’s program if library staff deems any of the items in this Guideline violated. 

Program proposals must be submitted no later than five months before the possible program. 

Once the program proposal application is submitted, the program coordinators’ team will evaluate the proposal and reply to the contact person listed in the Application within 30 days. 

Questions about the Programming Guidelines, Program Proposal Application, or meeting room requests can be emailed to  


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