Programming Guidelines

Programming Guidelines

A library program is an event presented within a branch library, at an offsite location, or online that supports the goals and mission of the Library by providing informational and educational service or instruction; entertainment; community engagement and involvement; and cultural enrichment.

Description of Programming Services

  1. A Library-initiated program will seek to highlight the Library’s mission; current Strategic Plan goals; and the services, facilities, and materials the Library has to offer. Individual goals of branch libraries and departments within a branch library may also be reflected in programming.
    1. Cooperation and coordination among programmers are encouraged to reduce duplication of programming, and to increase system-wide programming efforts.
    2. Passive programming initiatives should be thoroughly planned and require active participation from patrons.
  1. Programming at the Library will be originated, planned, presented, and/or coordinated by a staff member or members.
  1. A Library-initiated program will be presented in the Library’s calendar – either print, online, or both. Not all events in the Library’s calendar are programs.
    1. Some programming initiatives (such as impromptu, passive, or pop-up programs) may or may not be presented in the Library’s calendar. See Appendix A for suggestions on passive programming.
  1. In general, a Library-initiated program will be free of charge to all individuals and open to all members of the public. When the cost of presenting a program is prohibitive, a fee of no more than $25 per person may be charged.  Fee-based programs should be limited to no more than one per month per branch.  Any fee above $25 needs to be approved by the Branch Programming Coordinator and the Branch Manager.
    1. Specialized outreach programming directed at a particular audience may also serve as exceptions to this guideline. In any case involving limiting access or where free access is questionable, consult the Branch Programming Coordinator immediately.
    2. The Library Foundation and Board, as well as the Library Director, may request a program or event to have limited access due to a cost or fee.
  1. A person’s right to attend a Library-initiated program should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, race, background, or views. The Library’s policy of free and open access to information extends to Library programming.
    1. Accommodations for individuals with special requirements are available upon request.
  1. A Library-initiated program will make every attempt to accommodate all who wish to attend a program. Registration may be required to limit the means of access or size of attendance where safety or success of the program is concerned. When limits on program size are instituted, attendance is based on a first-come, first-served basis or with advanced registration. When means of access are limited, Library staff will make every attempt to provide alternative means of access to promote inclusion, access, and attendance numbers.
  1. The Kenton County Public Library is committed to the principle of intellectual freedom in our local community. Program topics may reflect diverse points of view. The presentation of a program does not imply endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by presenters and participants.

Restrictions to Programming Service

  1. Library programming will prohibit commercial advertising, direct solicitation, and fundraising.
    1. Solicitation of business will be allowed under the following exceptions.
      1. Authors may sell copies of their works at readings or visits.
      2. Musical and dramatic performers may sell recordings of their work at performances.
      3. The Friends of the Library may sell items at programs with prior Library management approval.
      4. Other situations pending approval of the Library’s Director.
    2. Please see a supervisor if you have any questions.
  2. Library programming will not allow direct religious or political solicitations.


  1. The Library does not assume responsibility for damages, personal injury, illness, or theft arising from participating in any program, or in any facility, or at any location where a program is held.
    1. For information on incident reports, please see KCPL Intranet/Wiki – Human Resources.
  2. The Library does not assume responsibility for the supervision of minors attending programs. Parents, guardians, and caregivers should remain with the program attendee or, depending on the registration limitations, remain within the facility where the program is occurring.
    1. For more information, please refer to KCPL’s Safe Child Policy available on the website.
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