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Part I – Early Settlement

One of the earliest explorers of the Kenton County area was Christopher Gist. In 1751, Gist and his companions were sent to the region by the Ohio Land Company to plat the area and to report on its value. Traveling down the Ohio River, Gist landed at “the point,” in present day Covington. This area lies at the confluence of the Ohio and Licking Rivers…

Part II – Immigration & Religion

Religious diversity has been a part of the Kenton County experience since the 1830s. Among the earliest denominations present in the county were the Methodists and Baptists. Shortly thereafter, Disciples of Christ, German Reformed, Lutheran, Episcopal and African Methodist Episcopal congregations were established in the county…

Part III – Shifting Populations

In the years following the First World War, suburban development along the Fort Mitchell-Covington streetcar line and the Dixie Highway greatly expanded. During this era, numerous subdivisions sprouted up including: Park Hills, Fort Wright, Fort Henry, Lookout Heights, South Hills, Edgewood, Winston Park and Crestview Hills. Suburban development was only slowed by the Great Depression…

Part IV – Suburban Development

Suburban development increased as a result of the completion of Interstate 75 through the County. The Cities of Erlanger, Fort Mitchell, Fort Wright, and Villa Hills experienced dramatic residential growth during this period.



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